Outside Voices Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring personal stories from Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), womxn/femmes, LGBTQIA+ folks, people with disabilities and others who are actively working to redefine the outdoor narrative. We’re co-creating stories with outdoor enthusiasts, educators, storytellers, activists, social media influencers, artists and more.


Sarah shimazaki (she/her)
host and producer

Sarah’s love for the outdoors really began in her grandparent’s backyard, picking persimmons and connecting with her Japanese grandmother despite a language barrier. Since then, she’s had the pleasure and privilege to call gardening, hiking, backpacking and walking her dog around Ohlone Territory (Oakland) some of her favorite ways to connect with nature. That connection fuels her passion for public lands advocacy, environmental justice and ethical storytelling, all of which she gets to merge through her role as a media creative and communications strategist at Resource Media.



Outside Voices Podcast is a project by Resource Media, with support from Brainerd Foundation and True North Foundation. Resource Media is a nonprofit communications firm working exclusively in support of social change.



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