Episode 4: Finding Black joy in the outdoors with Brittany Leavitt

Full episode transcript available in our attempt to make this an accessible experience for all.

An avid climber, hiker and outdoor leader, Brittany’s (she/her) connection to nature is rooted in something deeper. The outdoors plays a huge role in helping her heal and move through grief and also in asserting her identity and finding her personal Black joy.


This episode was brought to life with support from our friends at The North Face. It’s our first #sponsored episode and we can’t thank The North Face enough for supporting our shared efforts to grow and diversify the stories we tell about the outdoors. Be sure to check out their campaign, #WallsAreMeantForClimbing.

Organizations/Events mentioned in the episode:

Outdoor Afro: a national nonprofit organization that “celebrates and inspires African American connections and leadership in nature.”

Brown Girls Climb: an organization aimed to “promote and increase visibility of diversity in climbing by establishing a community of self-identified women climbers of color."

Color the Crag: an inclusive and educational climbing festival designed to celebrate diversity in the sport of rock climbing.


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[Photo of Brittany standing on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York, Lenape territory]

[Photo of Brittany snacking at Kilimanjaro. Photo by Chaya Harris]

[Photo of Brittany sitting and smiling at Rock Creek Park, Piscataway territory]

[Photo of Brittany at Summer Fest in West Virginia, Monacan territory. Photo by sasha.turrentine]