Partnership Guidelines for Outside Voices Podcast/Resource Media

  1. We practice a policy of open access but Outside Voices Podcast/Resource Media reserves the right to refusal and to reject individual sponsors. Resource Media maintains an open access policy based on its independence and lack of bias. That does not mean Resource Media must accept support from any prospective sponsor. Resource Media reserves the right to reject support from any particular entity.

  2. We encourage sponsors and partners to engage in diversity, equity and inclusion practices, particularly in service of outdoor equity. Outside Voices/Resource Media is committed to equity and asserts that Sponsors align with our core values as outlined in our strategic framework available at Sponsors must also share their own commitment to equity along with any public facing plan to make progress.

  3. Content must comply with law, including not making misleading claims. Resource Media reserves the right to reject any sponsorship/promotional message at its discretion, including on the grounds that it is false, misleading, inaccurate, or unsubstantiated; that it makes unfair competitive claims; or that it fails to comply with standards of decency and dignity.

  4. Resource Media does not accept promotional messages that support or oppose any candidate for political office or a public referendum and will generally avoid messages referencing candidates (current and presumptive), referenda, or elections.

  5. Resource maintains a bright line between promotional and editorial content. All Content must be readily identifiable as the promotional message of Sponsor and transparently distinguished from the adjacent editorial content.  

  6. Content cannot denigrate Sponsor’s competitor (or any person or entity) or expressly compare Sponsor (or its products or services) to a competitor (or its products or services). Descriptive language that is implicitly comparative may be accepted. For instance, describing the sponsor as a “discount broker” is an implicit comparison to a “full service broker,” but such a description would be permitted so long as the comparison is not to a named competitor of the sponsor.  Content that makes “best” or “better” claims or otherwise convey a claim of general superiority compared to competitors is generally not allowed.

  7. Content that describes a quality or feature of a product or service in qualitative terms is permitted, provided it is not overly promotional, and is true and accurate.

  8. Content may not include specific product or service pricing.